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Adults With Disabilities: Without Walls

About us

Without Walls is a Community Based Day Program for adults with developmental disabilities. A joint program of Pacific Grove Adult School and the Gateway Center of Monterey County, it serves people from the greater Monterey Peninsula - Salinas area.

Program focus

Using Person Centered Practices, we support the preferences, desires, and goals of each individual in the areas of vocation/volunteering, education, personal development, socialization and recreation. To achieve these ends, our daily focus is on:

  • Community Integration 
  • Relationship Building 
  • Skill Development
  • Hands-On Training
Entrance Criteria
  • 18 years or older
  • Use the restroom independently
  • Handle & administer medication independently (during program hours)
  • Have a desire to integrate into, or volunteer in, the community 
  • Able to participate safely in the community at a student to staff ratio of 3:1
  • If a client of SARC (San Andreas Regional Center), Contact your Service Coordinator to pursue enrollment.
In-Person and Remote (Zoom) Programming
  • Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • Closed during: President’s Day Break, Spring Break, Fall Break, and Winter Break.
  • Open during the summer.

Program Schedule

9:30  Welcome

9:45  Meditation and stretching
10:30  Social time, lessons, games

12:00  Lunch 

1:00  Social time, activities, outings

2:30  Goodbye
Zoom Programing details

Zoom Programing details

  • At this time, a small group of people continue to attend the program remotely. We have a live Zoom feed in the classroom, connecting the in-person and at-home groups.
  • Attend all 25 hours on Zoom, or log in and out as you wish
  • Breaks are encouraged. Move around, keep a water bottle handy, and bring your snacks and lunch.
  • Break-out rooms on Zoom provide more than one activity option at a time.

Home Deliveries

Weekly art supplies are delivered to those attending the program over Zoom.
For questions, or to enroll, contact:

For questions, or to enroll, contact:


Dan Lomeli

Community Integration Coordinator

Without Walls, Gateway Center of Monterey County

850 Congress Avenue

Pacific Grove, CA 93950

831-785-6516 (text or call)