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Welcome to PARENTS' PLACE! Located in Pacific Grove, California, Parents' Place is a Parent Education program of the Pacific Grove Adult School (PGAE) which offers Age-Related classes for parents and their children from birth to 3 years and Specialty classes through the 5th year. Our program provides parents and caregivers with information to nurture their children in a positive, healthy and loving environment. You will meet with other parents and their children to learn about your child's development and how to become a more effective parent. For more information call 831-646-6623.
Classes that fit your child's needs

Classes that fit your child's needs

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Age-Related Learning

Age-Related Learning

   An Age-Related class is a class that the parent/caregiver and child attend together. It is a class that is made up of children that are around the same age as your child. If you have a 20-month-old, we would look to see if we have room in an 18-22 month-old class.
   The Age-Related class meets once a week. The half hour before and after teaching time is "gathering" time. This is a good time to speak with your teacher about personal questions and visit with your classmates. Now for those new moms, remember, you are never late to class; just get out of the house and here when you can!
   Our teachers bring a topic to class each week that pertains to the development of the children in that class. These topics may consist of issues such as sleep, eating, self care, relationships, etc. Sometimes the needs and questions of the class may override the scheduled topic.
   In the newborn Age-Related class you are in a circle for the whole class time and discuss the newborn experience.
   Newborns will cry in class and need diaper changes and need to eat and do all those baby kind of things. Feel free to attend to your baby's needs anytime! For the breastfeeding moms, all of our newborn teachers are required to attend a 40-hour lactation training program and are there for you should you have any questions about breastfeeding.
   Toddler class format has more structure; the first half hour you and your child can explore the room with toys, art projects, and painting. Then we gather for circle time and sing songs, read books, use the big parachute, and have instrument time. After that we clean up, sit at the tables, and have a snack that parents provide. During that time we have discussion on the topic for the day. There is more free play time after that, until it is time to leave.
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Tots in Motion
Ages: Crawling to 24 months
Monday's - 9 - 11 a.m.
Through free exploration and physical activities, tots will strengthen their motor skills using age appropriate equipment.
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1-2-3 Sing with Me
Ages: 1 year to 3rd year
Monday's: 11:15 - 11:45 a.m.
This sing-a-long class exposes children to music and movement, while fostering language development and imagination.
student and staff science experiment
Wonder of Science
Ages: 2.5 - 5 years
Monday's: 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Children connect to nature and discover the scientific world around them through observations and experiments in both the classroom and garden.
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Fun with Food and Art
Ages: 1 - 3 years
Friday's: 10 a.m. til Noon
This class introduces children to healthy food and involves them in the process of cooking through recipes, gardening and play.
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Wee Chant 
Ages: Newborn to 1 year
Friday's: 1 - 1:45 p.m.
An enchanting music class that promotes parent/child bonding through exposure to multi-cultural music.
Our Teachers, Our Mission

Our Teachers, Our Mission

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Our teachers have Adult Education credentials, most with credentials in early childhood development, all are parents themselves and most are former students of the Parents' Place program!
Our teachers offer a curriculum of Parent Education information that represents many different philosophies and approaches to effective parenting. Our teachers honor all parenting styles, and appreciate and support each parent in their quest to enrich their personal parenting experience.
Parent's Place - Summer 2020

Parent's Place - Summer 2020

Class Policies

Class Policies

  • Each session begins with 1 or 2 newborn classes.
  • Usually, when the babies in an afternoon class turn 1 year old, the class moves to a morning (9:30 to 11:30 AM) slot. This accomodates the nap change that most babies have at this age.
  • Depending on space, the morning toddler class will have room for children up to age 2-1/2 or 3; then that class will graduate to a "Toddler Plus" class, which meets midday, 12:30 to 2:30 PM. We understand the time is not optimal, however it is our only option due to classroom availability.
  • Generally, a class will stay together for most of their cycle at Parents' Place.
  • When a class gets too big or we have many people on the waiting list, we may have to split the class in two.
  • When a class is too small, we will add it into other existing classes.
  • Since all of our teachers are mothers, most with young children, teacher availability changes session to session. Therefore information on class transitions and/or projections are often not available as far ahead as you and we would like them to be.
  • Please keep in mind that children often adjust to the changes more easily than the adults do!
  • Please bring your child to class when both of you are healthy. See our Health Guidelines for more details.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up for a class?
    Please call Parents' Place at (831) 646-6623 to check for class availability and time.
    • What is the cost for classes?
      Our school year is broken into 4 quarterly sessions. You may enroll for a class at any point in the session; your fee will be pro-rated.

      Age Related Classes: (Twins are 2 for 1 - Age Related only) $120.00 - Age-Related Class             

      Specialty Classes: (1st child full price, 2nd child in age range 1/2 price) $ 80.00 - Tots in Motion (crawling - 24 months) $ 60.00 - 1-2-3 Sing with Me! (1 year - 3rd year) $ 80.00 - Wonder of Science (2 1/2 years - 5th year) $ 80.00 - Fun with Food (1 year - 3rd year) $ 60.00 - Wee Chant (newborn - 12 months) *There is a $10 daily fee option per Specialty class. However, it is more cost effective to sign up for the session.*

    • What happens at the end of the session? Do I need to sign up again?
      Yes, you need to re-register for each quarterly session you plan on attending. We send out a notice of registration for the next session 1 month before the start of the new session. If you wish to remain in the class, we need your registration returned to us by the due date listed on your registration announcement.

    • My child was sick during most of the session and we were gone on vacation, can I get a refund?
      We do not pro-rate our fees for missed days due to illness or vacation.

    • Another kid in my child's age-related class just came down with something contagious. Where can I find more information on this illness?
      Parents' Place provides basic information on the following common illnesses (click links to view PDFs): chicken pox, fifth disease, hand, foot, mouth syndrome, pertussis, and roseola.

    • I have two little children; can I bring both of them to the class?
      You may bring the younger child with you to the older child's class, but you may not bring the older child to the younger child's class.

    • My child has a runny nose, can I come to class?
      If there is NO FEVER and the DISCHARGE IS CLEAR you may come to class.
      * Remember that if your child is getting over a cold, their immune system may be compromised and therefore more susceptible to the other "bugs" that may be around them.

    • Do I drop off my child for these classes?
      No, you come to the class with your child.

    • My husband and I both work outside the home during the day, do you have anything that might work for us?
      We are sorry, at this time we do not have any evening classes.

    • I have clothes or other items I'd like to donate. How do I do that?
      You can bring donations to Parent's Place for the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation's (MAOF's) Migrant Childcare and Infant & Toddler Programs, Preschool, and Childcare Centers. MAOF is a resource and referral source for Monterey County. The following items are always welcome:

      Jackets and sweaters (all children's and adult's sizes)
      Blankets and bedding
      Diapers (don't need to be full packages)
      Infant clothing
      Toddler clothing (most needed!)
      Crib bedding
      Infant and toddler shoes
      Safe toys, preferably with no batteries
      Children's books
      New underwear
      Small appliances, such as toasters, microwaves, blenders

      The above items need to be clean and in working order. If you have larger items, please call Susana Rocha at MAOF to see if they can use them. Her number is 831-755-4409. You can learn more about MAOF at

      Items we are NOT accepting:

      Diaper Genies
      Most toys with batteries
      Car Seats

    • Do you have a printout of the lyrics to the songs we sing in class?
      Yes! Please click here to download a PDF of the song lyrics.

    • Where can I find the classroom recipe we just learned?
      Click here to download classroom recipes for cooked playdough, colored pasta, craft clay, and a gallon of bubbles.

To register for a class online, click the button below!

Or call (831) 646-6580 between 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to register over the phone.