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School Reopening Task Force

PGUSD is currently forming School Reopening Task Forces at each school site with the aim of gathering feedback from our community and provide input as we begin planning the reopening of schools for this fall, 2020.


The Adult School plans to hold a school wide advisory meeting on Wednesday, May 13 to share ideas over school reopening, and for distance and blended learning options. This meeting will be followed by targeted departmental meetings that will include stakeholder input


The main objectives for each task force:

1. Provide a venue for parents/students to give input about Distance Learning (DL) successes and concerns, as well as thoughts about DL options that would be most effective and supportive in their student's learning.


2. Provide a venue for parents/students to give input about other considerations regarding the re-opening of schools. Some of these considerations might include a hybrid leaning model ( vs face-to-face instruction), daycare concerns and options, screen time, and students'  Social-Emotional Learning and support. 


For questions or concerns, please contact the school principal directly. Your input will be shared with members of the school and district level planning teams.


PG Adult School: Barbara Martinez

Below is the current Schedule for classes being offered during Distance Learning.